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André Wognum

Guidance to more decisive meetings

Structure to focus and think freely

FOR WHO? Progress-minded leaders.

WHAT? A practical and reliable way for making better decisions and solve problems faster.

WHEN a group of people need to move forward in any process.

WHERE? In-person or online.

WHY? Because conventional meetings are not the best method for getting things done.

Decision-making is a challenge for every leadership team. Juggling polar opinions, different working styles, and team politics while simultaneously making headway is not easy.

How to decide which ideas to try first and which ones to ignore completely? What is the best way to achieve team alignment?

In just a couple of hours, I will guide your leadership team to do even better work. We will use a set of practical and proven frameworks and tools that will immediately remove roadblocks, cut out the clutter and lead to better decisions faster.

“Best of the ten decision-oriented workshops I have been to in the last year, including those run by established management consulting firms.”

Per Gyllenspetz, founder Yacht & Car

Deceptive obstacles

Does your heart beat faster when thinking of meetings? Are you anticipating two hours of checking and balancing, perhaps some tug of war, or do you feel excited to make genuine progress together?

A well-structured environment will enable us to work our way past common stumbling blocks that teams face during meetings, including:

  • THE BANDWAGON EFFECT: When people do something primarily because other people are doing it.
  • PRIMACY AND RECENCY BIAS: When we give too much weight to information we have experienced first and last in a meeting.
  • COGNITIVE OVERLOAD: When you are presented with more information, choices or responsibilities than you reasonably be expected to process.
  • INFORMATION ASYMMETRY: When one party in a conversation has more or better information than the other.

“When I work with André, we have played with brilliant answers to difficult questions. Laughter and seriousness in a perfect combination. Delightful!”

Hans Naess, Founder and Creative Leader, Gastronomic Forum

Aligning your capabilities

In a nutshell, a Decision Retreat™ is a structured, visualised and standardised way for leadership teams to collaborate that ensures solid outcomes while avoiding the usual pitfalls of teamwork.

Perfect for:

  • Determining the primary focus areas for next year
  • Resolving conflicts and aligning your board members
  • Deciding what to present to investors and employees
  • Aligning on business purpose, critical challenges and generate coordinated actions to overcome them
  • Reviewing completed projects and identify upcoming challenges

Key benefits:

  • No more endless meetings without clear priorities
  • Get full clarity by visualising ideas and solutions in a structured form
  • Define just the right problems to tackle and frame
  • Learn a fool-proof framework for prioritising good ideas over bad ones
  • Save your team a lot of time

A Decision Retreat can be a morning session or span over a couple of weeks, depending on your specific needs. Ideal for your board meetings, company retrospectives, leadership retreats or strategy alignment. It can be a tactical one-shot, monthly check-ins or a yearly executives calibration.

The retreats can be made in person or entirely online.

“I have experienced many decision processes before, and your remote retreat was outstanding. We saved a lot of valuable time. A superb job, André!”

Christina Möller, Fil dr HC, University of Uppsala Sweden

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With 30 years of experience helping organisations optimise their path forward, I now guide leaders in reaching critical decisions faster.

I work directly with company owners, founders, board of directors, management teams, public authorities and scientific research teams.

To learn more, request a consultation with me via or +46 (0)70 769 83 82.

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André Wognum

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