“I consult with leaders all day. Not about leadership, but about the decisions they want to make.”

André Wognum

Better decisions. Better business.

Are all your meetings and workshops a success? Do they generate the results you need in the shortest and best way possible? Congratulations!

If not, read on.

In just a couple of hours, I will guide your leadership team to do even better work. We will use a set of practical and proven frameworks and tools that will immediately remove roadblocks, cut out the clutter and lead to better decisions faster. And, dare we say it, a better life.

Straightforward and coherent

In a nutshell, a Decision Retreat™ is a structured, visualised and standardised way for leadership teams to collaborate that ensures solid outcomes while avoiding the usual pitfalls of teamwork.

Perfect for:

  • Aligning on business purpose, critical challenges and generate coordinated actions to overcome them
  • Resolving conflicts and aligning your board members
  • Deciding what to present to investors and/or employees

Key benefits:

  • Get full clarity by visualising ideas and solutions in a structured form
  • Define just the right problems to tackle and frame
  • Learn a fool-proof framework for prioritising good ideas over bad ones

A Decision Retreat can be a morning session or span over a couple of weeks, depending on your specific needs. Ideal for your board meetings, company retrospectives, leadership retreats or strategy alignment.

It can be a tactical one-shot, a quarterly strategic calibration or a yearly executive’s retreat.

The retreats can be made in person or entirely online.

“With deep knowledge, the ability to really listen and a commitment that is contagious, André has helped the HR department to develop a clear and effective communication strategy.

Veronica Sjöstrand, Vice President HR, MTG NENT Group Sweden

Get in touch!

With 30 years of experience helping organisations optimise their path forward, I now guide leaders in reaching critical decisions faster.

I work directly with company owners, founders, board of directors, management teams and scientific research teams.

To learn more, request a consultation with me via andre@wognum.se or +46 (0)70 769 83 82.

You’ve got the expertise.

I’ve got the framework.

Let’s find our starting point!

André Wognum

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