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Working with André

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“With deep knowledge, the ability to really listen and a commitment that is contagious, André has helped the HR department to develop a clear and effective communication strategy.”

—Veronica Sjöstrand, Vice President HR, MTG NENT Group Sweden

“Being able to take part in André’s creativity in combination with the ability to express it visually has made our research group think in completely different ways. Everyone should have an André in their research group!”

—Mari Lundberg, Physiotherapist and Professor, Sophiahemmet University

“As a catalyst accelerates a reaction, working with André, fuzzy ideas blossom and materialize with structure.”

—Tobias Forngren, Business and Innovation Manager, Freelway

“Best of the ten decision-oriented workshops I have been to in the last year, including those run by established management consulting firms. It was clear, pleasant, knowledgeable, and educational. Many people try to appear professional but fail. Not André. He is a respectful and, at the same time, confident facilitator.”

—Per Gyllenspetz, founder, The Big Curve

“It was enjoyable to find our way forward and what we want with our business. I have experienced many decision processes before, and your remote retreat was outstanding. We saved a lot of valuable time. I was a little unsure if we would come up with something tangible in such a short amount of time, but thanks to your excellent facilitation and methods, we did. I’m not sure that we would come up with anything better with more time. Thanks again for a superb job, André!”

—Christina Möller, Fil dr HC, University of Uppsala Sweden

“It is important to keep your playfulness alive through life, said the philosopher Arne Næss. When I work with André, we have played with brilliant answers to difficult questions. Laughter and seriousness in a perfect combination. Delightful!”

—Hans Naess, Founder and Creative Leader, Gastronomic Forum

“Always a process for making progress. Our collaboration gives the company and me communicative finesse, practical sales tools and a clear and accurate message that reaches customers. In short: André is a vital part of Kungshusen.”

—Magnus Bergström, Marketing Manager, Kungshusen Medical

“André Wognum has made us where we are today. He helps us with decisions and ideas that increase our sales and profits. Working with André is like having an expert employed. He puts commitment and passion into every assignment. We are so grateful for our success in our business which is largely due to André.”

—Tommy Säbb and Stina Blomqvist, owners, Säbb & Blomqvist Catering

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